In Addition To The Online Conference There Is A Live Event At

The University Of West London On Sat-Sun 30th & 31st January 2016


Sat 30th Jan 2016

10:00     Panel with producers and engineers on 'the aesthetics of recording classical music' chaired by Amy Blier-Carruthers:
Ken Blair (recording engineer and producer), David Gleeson (recording engineer), Andrew Hallifax (recording engineer) plus contributions via correspondence from Martha de Francisco (recording engineer and producer) and Theresa Leonard (recording engineer and producer)

11:30     Tea and Coffee Break

12:00     Group discussion between producers, engineers and performers (including playback of recordings)

13:30     Lunch

14:30     3D Audio Piano: the first segment will involve Emilie Capulet (piano) working with Andrew Bourbon and Simon Zagorski-Thomas to record a layered performance of Debussy’s La Cathedral Egloutie (Preludes Book One) and play it back through the 3D Audio speaker array. This ‘live recording session’ will be an opportunity to discuss the processes used in the recording project. The second segment will involve a live 3D Audio mix by Greg Smith of Emilie Capulet’s performance of Ravel’s Jeux d’Eau and a playback of a 3D Audio Remix of Emilie Capulet’s MIDI performance of Haydn’s Piano Sonata in C (XVI: 50)

15:30     Tea and Coffee Break

16:00     Panel with performers on 'the creative potential of recording' chaired by Andrew Bourbon:
    Frances Wilson (Blogger – Cross-Eyed Pianist), John Landor (Music Director, LMA Orchestra), Emilie Capulet (London College of Music, UWL)

17:30     Close

Sun 31st Jan 2016

11:30     Tea and Coffee

12:00     Two performances of Shostakovich's String Quartet No.8 performed by the Konvalia Quartet will be live streamed on this site at 12:00 UK time on Sunday 31st January 2016 and thereafter the videos will be available here.
The first is an acoustic performance devised and directed by John Landor (Music Director, LMA Orchestra) and Susan Kempster (Movement and Artistic Consultant) in collaboration with the Konvalia Quartet using an approach called Music In Motion. "This open performance space allows the musicians to move to interact more closely with each other. They can embody the music more fully with their presence which enables more effective communication of the content and meaning of the music".
The second will explore the interesting sonic world created where 20 guitar pedals are plugged into electric string instruments. The processing performance will be by Simon Zagorski-Thomas and Andrew Bourbon.
The Konvalia Quartet is: Dorottya Szabados-Drótos (violin I), Agata Kubiak (violin II), Marietta Szalóki (viola) and Andrea Derdak (cello).

13:00     Lunch

14:00     Panel on how the sound of the production affects the commercial prospects of a classical recording chaired by Simon Zagorski-Thomas:
    Andrew Blake (Winchester University), Todd Landor (Musical Concepts & Alto Distribution), Martin Andreson (Toccata Classics), Robert Hugill (Blogger – Planet Hugill)

15:00     Tea and Coffee Break

15:30     Panel on the nature and characteristics of Practice As Research outputs chaired by Simon Zagorski-Thomas:
    Simon Ellis (Dance – Coventry University), Kristen Kreider (Poetry – Royal Holloway College), Ian Pace (Music – City University)

17:00 Close