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Classical Music Hyper Production and Practice As Research

The Structure of the Industry (Some Hopefully Not-Too-Pessimistic Thoughts)

​The question in the header for this panel asks about how the sound of classical record production affects commercial prospects. I wonder, though, if it might also be fruitful to think about the opposite approach—how the organization of the recording industry affects production. This occurs to me in general because of how frequently, in interviews ...
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The Aesthetics of Recording Classical Music

​Thanks all for your very interesting observations so far. I will comment to individual threads, but could I start the ball rolling here with the questions we will be discussing in the panel session on production on Saturday? I would really like to get the conversation started and see what the people who can't attend in person think about all this....
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a few reflections on recording, modernity and modernism

In seeking contributions, Simon asked that contributors should reflect on 'the sound-worlds used in recorded classical music and how these relate to ideas of modernity, authenticity, commerciality, pedagogy and the musical 'text' both in the traditional repertoire and in the composition and performance of new music'.Thinking about this in the light...
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Some initial thoughts... on the commercial prospects

​The commercial world of classical recording is star driven and the interpretations that these stars bring to the classical repertoire are the features that differentiate the commercial releases. Given the parlous state of the classical recording industry at the moment, perhaps it's time to introduce the notion of differentiating products by produc...
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