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Classical Music Hyper Production and Practice As Research

Stokowski's technologically-rendered ideas of musical text

For cases of recording techniques affecting the notion of musical "text" most substantively,‚Äč we need to look to Leopold Stokowski. Courtesy of developing recording technologies, Stokowski's textual beliefs went far beyond traditional post-Kantian textual-critical attitudes. According to Stokowski's sense of history and music-making, we can draw ev...
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This is a post intended for the discussion unfolding in Musicology that overlaps issues in Performance and Production. With respect to recording, I think it's important to factor in the audience, not just the ways in which concepts of audio fidelity are constructed on the side of musicians, producers and audio engineers. My point is, however artifi...
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More about 'CMHP'

Very interesting Andrew. I think the point that we were trying to make - and in some ways trying to move away from - was the idea that recorded classical music still hasn't moved very far from the aesthetic of the 'best seat in the house'. That said, I found your paper very interesting in that regard because it makes a point very strongly that I've...
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Reflections on 'About CMHP'

First of all, I'd like to express my delight at being invited to take part in this conference. I very much appreciate what is for me a rare opportunity to discuss the nature of recording practices and how they might be developed. I've been pondering the ideas presented on the 'About the Project' page on this site, which outlines CMHP's aims an...
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